Welcome to Traywick’s Garage

 At Traywick's Garage, we care about our customers and their automobiles. That's why we strive to provide excellent service for everyone that walks through our doors. Our Technicians are ASE certified as well as a leading auto repair shop in the Winter Garden area since 1946. One can always expect a great experience in fixing cars the right way, right from the start. We have a trusted relationship with many customers, fleets, and distributors.

Another reason to bring your automobile issue to the experts is because it can save you a lot of money from unnecessary work. A mechanic without our specialized experience may diagnose your vehicle's problem incorrectly and tell you that you need a new part, when in reality, your car only needed a simple repair, such as a fuse, a relay, a cable, or a loose electrical connection. It could even be an external sensor that needs adjusting.

    Save yourself a lot of time, trouble and expense by getting a correct diagnoses right from the beginning, along with expert care, reasonable prices, a professional and highly trained staff, and a name you can trust. If you need a automotive repair shop, look no further! We look forward to adding you to our long line of happy customers!